About me


I am Kasa, aka “Dr. Z”, a nickname from my spouse and clients to shorten my impossible-to-pronounce last name. I live in the Bay Area where I’ve practiced home health across the lifespan and done work in school-based settings. I am a millennial who was born with clubfeet and not so great eyesight. These “deficits” became inspirations for me to become an Occupational Therapist (OT) and Assistive Technology Specialist (ATS).

I have a unique perspective because I’ve not only helped
patients improve quality of life, but I’ve used my OT and AT skillsets to help my 101-year-old Grandma increase her
quality of life even as she continues to lose her sight and

This blog is designed to help relay information from my experience as an OT and ATS for adults and family members that wish to promote independence and quality of life across throughout the aging process. It was inspired by the many questions I receive from clients, family members and acquaintances such as:

How do I get my loved one to listen to me? How do I keep my loved one feeling independent, autonomous and empowered as they age? How do I keep my parent/loved one independent in their own home? What do you recommend for fall prevention or fall alert devices? How do I access and/or navigate the healthcare system? What is CBD?

Nuts & Bolts of My Bio:

Clinical Doctorate in Occupational Therapy (2016), Pacific University Assistive Technology Applications Certification, California State University (2020), orthridge Executive Certificate in Home Modifications (2016), University of Southern California Future Scientists in Research Award (2016), American Occupational Therapy Association Director’s Award (2016), Pacific University School of Occupational Therapy Positive Approach To Care trainee (2019), Teepa Snow