Traveling with persons with disabilities

My family and I are working to accommodate my Grandma’s wishes to fly to Palm Springs, California from Seattle, Washington. She wants to spend her 100th birthday at my Uncle’s house, and as the family matriarch, what Grandma wants, Grandma gets. Her birthday just so happens to be the day before Thanksgiving. As I’ve mentioned […]

My Top 3 Everyday Apps – Making Life Easier

Sometimes when I get off of work I need to go for a walk to decompress and collect my thoughts. This also allows me to reflect on the day and recall anything I need to wrap up for the day or add to my planner for the week. When I’m walking, I don’t want to […]

Getting Rehab At Home

Over the years I’ve had many people ask me how they can get home health for themselves, a friend or a family member. Many people require home health when they’ve had a culmination of issues occur – falls, generalized weakness, change of status, accident or onset of disease. In other cases, people require home health […]