Sometimes when I get off of work I need to go for a walk to decompress and collect my thoughts. This also allows me to reflect on the day and recall anything I need to wrap up for the day or add to my planner for the week. When I’m walking, I don’t want to stop and take notes via writing or type them in my phone. Thankfully, Otter allows me to verbally process my thoughts in one easy app that allows for speech to text. Otter is available on desktop, Android and Apple devices. There are three plans, and although the free plan is limited, it serves the basic functions I need – speech to text, conversation recording and even uploading images, videos and texts to my recordings.

Otter can differentiate voices, which is why it’s great for recording conversations. It also has editing features that allow you to edit and manage transcription in the App. Another great feature is that you can play back recordings at different speeds. When I’m tired at the end of the day and my brain doesn’t process as quickly, I like having the option of slowing down notes I recorded earlier to allow myself to process them. You can also enlarge the text for your transcription so it’s easier to read. I’ve used this feature with students I work with that have auditory impairment and visual impairment. For example, I can record a teacher giving instructions. The recording turns the speech into text. I can enlarge the text and place it in front of the student with hearing impairment so they can read it. For my students that have visual impairment, I play the direction transcription back to them as many times as they need, and adjust the speed of the transcription.


This App allows people to share calendars, shopping lists, to do lists and recipes. When you sign up, you are given the choice as the organizer of the calendar to grant permissions to other administrators (spouse, partner, grandparent, kids etc…). Any person you provide permission to will be able to edit and add to the calendar, shopping list, to do list. There’s even a feature where you can view recipes from various magazines and cooking resources and add recipes to a “recipe box.”

Each family member can pick or be assigned a color to differentiate who enters items. You can also set reminders on the calendar. There’s even a feature that allows you to add a family photo to personalize the calendar.

This App has helped many families that I’ve worked with remember each other’s appointments. It’s also a way families can ensure everyone gets input for menu planning. For me, this App has been a lifesaver for my spouse and I to remember each other’s doctor appointments, meetings, and to never have the excuse of “I forgot the shopping list” again. Cozi is available on desktop, Android and Apple devices.


This is an app I use daily, even if I know the route. The advantage of this App is that other drivers share real-time traffic delays such as traffic jams, accidents or roadwork. Waze can provide minute-by-minute updated rerouting to help you avoid traffic. My spouse and avoided being stuck in traffic for 2 extra hours this past Labor Day weekend by using Waze on the drive home.

Another feature that I love about this App is that you can “Add stop” for things like restaurants or gas. It also shares how many minutes off route the stop will take you. Gas prices are updated regularly so you can evaluate which gas station is closest on route for you and has the best price point. Waze is available on desktop, Android and Apple devices.

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